Holistic and Transformative Beauty Podcast Featuring Featuring Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jacquelyn Rodriguez is a highly skilled and passionate beauty professional who is dedicated to promoting wellness and sustainability in the beauty industry. As the owner of a Holistic Salon and founder of The Clean Beauty Biz Method, she is a leader in eco-friendly beauty practices, utilizing green chemistry products and promoting stylish looks with minimal environmental impact. Jacquelyn is also a certified Master Neuro-Coach and energy healer, offering her clients a truly holistic and transformative beauty experience. With her deep commitment to empowering others, Jacquelyn is dedicated to teaching beauty professionals how to create profitable and impactful businesses, breaking industry norms and promoting a better future for all. Whether you are seeking stunning new look or a shift in the way you think about beauty and wellness, Jacquelyn is here to guide you on your journey.

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