We are a truly Holistic, non-toxic salon easily accessed in Warrenton, Virginia. Our all-natural salon uses products with organic and all natural ingredients. Our salon product lines are derived from fully sustainable, organic farm practices, and provided in eco-friendly packaging. Our products are never tested on animals.

We see the LIGHT in you.

Welcome to a very special place in the holistic wellness and salon experience.

Enlightened Styles was created as a space where we put a stop to negative self-talk about appearances and start focusing instead on natural hair and skin care as an extension of the beautiful light within each person.

Organic, natural products enhance the beauty you already possess.

Our goal is to help you feel empowered to look and feel your very best. By listening to you, we help you project the vibrant, clear energy that comes from within. From a thorough consultation about your hair and the lifestyle you live to custom blended cosmetics for your tone and coloring alone, Enlightened Styles is a complete hair and skin care salon that uses organic, natural products to enhance the beauty you already possess.

Why use these harder to find products? That’s simple.

It is so much more than hair care. At Enlightened Styles, it’s self-care.

Meet Our Staff

Our licensed and experienced stylists understand that the world sometimes feels frantic, draining the energy right out of a person.

In this salon, our clients are treated to a spa-like experience and the opportunity to detox from the noise of every day. This space invites guests to relax into and enjoy the moments of calm that will allow them to feel renewed and re-energized.

Who wants toxic hair chemicals getting in the way of that? Not our team!


Baby Steps Towards Living a More Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Baby Steps Towards Living a More Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Those who have visited us at the salon know that we try to run our business as sustainably as possible. We aren’t 100% eco-friendly yet, but we are constantly moving towards that goal, which is especially important to salon-owner Jacquelyn Rodriguez, who has been...

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Enlightened Styles isn’t just any ordinary hair salon, it is a movement towards a happy, healthy, holistic future. We want to make our clients feel good while doing good for the environment. Through our in-depth consultations, we determine what is best for our clients...

Meet Sarah, Our Strong Mom Contest Winner

Meet Sarah, Our Strong Mom Contest Winner

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huGip1V6Xjc[/embedyt] May was dedicated to the moms! and one mom in particular for us. She is the winner of our strong moms contest. Her story touched our hearts in a way we weren't prepared for. The challenges her family has...