Enlightened Styles isn’t just any ordinary hair salon, it is a movement towards a happy, healthy, holistic future. We want to make our clients feel good while doing good for the environment. Through our in-depth consultations, we determine what is best for our clients and we use we use plant based, non-toxic products to bring those visions to light. We offer a peaceful, quiet salon, free of harsh chemical smells, due to our use of nontoxic cleaning products and essential oils. With each shampoo we use a warm towel with an essential oil of the client’s choice. We focus on self care and try to teach our clients how to adopt nontoxic ideas into their home. We are the only salon in Warrenton, Virginia with an Oway Tricho-analyzer, which is a microscope that allows us to look directly at the scalp. This special tool helps us determine the cause of dry, itchy scalp as well as hair loss. We also offer specific, organic treatment plans based on client needs. Enlightened Styles prefers to use recyclable, eco-friendly, plant-based materials. We aren’t 100% eco-friendly yet, but continue to research and be innovative in our day-to-day operations. We avoid using materials that are harmful to the environment when possible. Instead of using foil, we use biodegradable tapioca starch paper, and instead of using normal gloves, we use biodegradable ones. We are also part of Green Circle Salons program, which allows salons to repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste. We ship all the hair cut in our salon to Green Circle who then turns it into Boones that help clean up oil spills. Green Circle also uses that hair to make pet beds and donates them to victims of natural disasters. Rather than washing hair color down the drain, we bag it and ship it to Green Circle who then extracts the water from the leftover hair color and uses the chemicals in it to produce clean energy. In addition to hair services, we also offer our own custom-blend nontoxic makeup line called Ammoura Cosmetics. Each lipstick and foundation is customized to each individual client’s needs and are blended right in our salon. We also sell ready-to-wear plant-based blush, pressed and loose eye shadow, illuminator, eye liner, and lip liner. Our staff does in-house makeup lessons and we even travel on site for wedding and special event hair and makeup styling where we use all of our nontoxic products. We are currently working on launching an affiliate program and keep a lookout for our exclusive summer collections coming soon.

Enlightened Styles strives to support other local business owners by carrying their products in the salon. Owner Jacquelyn Rodriguez also offers Untethered Coaching for female business owners. Through meditation, clients tap into their intuition to gain clarity on their purpose and where they want to go. Jacquelyn teaches women how to untether themselves from their fears and focus on their futures just as she learned to do. These coaching sessions allow women to gain confidence, align themselves with the universe, and gain clarity on their business goals.