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May was dedicated to the moms! and one mom in particular for us. She is the winner of our strong moms contest. Her story touched our hearts in a way we weren’t prepared for. The challenges her family has faced multiple times is one most of us can’t ever imagine. Sarah was nominated by her husband Nate. They share three children together, all three of their children have faced medical challenges in their young lives. Sarah is nothing less than a momma warrior! She has adapted their lives flawlessly, and sacrificed any “self-care” time she may have been able to squeeze in.

Sarah received a full make-over by our stylist Greer. Greer cut and styled Sarah’s hair and applied a natural make-up look. When we asked Sarah how she feels when she gets her hair and make up done she simply replied “like a new woman, like a new person. It gives me confidence!” Through this journey she has had many moments of weakness. It is our owner’s, Jacquelyn’s personal mission to help every woman who sits in our chairs to untether themselves from fears that hold them back and break them down.

Sarah and her family have learned how to adapt their lifestyles to meet their children’s needs. Their youngest daughter was diagnosed at just 8 weeks with eczema and then shortly after with food allergies. In august of 2018 her son was admitted to the hospital with what they thought was pneumonia. He was unresponsive to the treatments and was transferred to children national in DC. After 2 1/2 grueling weeks, they were given a diagnosis’s of Chronic Granulomatous disease. Also known as “CGD”. This is an extremely rare condition that causes the the immune system to malfunction causing an immunodeficiency. There is light in the darkness of this condition. There is a cure! The cure is a bone marrow transplant. Their is a waiting list for the bone marrow transplant and Ethan, Sarah and Nate’s son, is currently on the list awaiting an exact match. If, an exact match is not found. Nate will be the next best fit and they will move forward with the procedure.

If your wondering more about this beautiful family and how you can help them or how you can simply bring awareness and show them support, we’ve attached a few links. Below you will find their facebook page where you can follow their journey. In addition, we included the link for the national bone marrow registry.



As always, the enlightened tribe wishes not only the strong moms, but all families who are on any kind of journey nothing but happiness, health, and healing. If you or someone you know is on a journey, we want to here from you. We want to give back to you. You can submit these journeys to Questions@enlightenedstyles.com.