Those who have visited us at the salon know that we try to run our business as sustainably as possible. We aren’t 100% eco-friendly yet, but we are constantly moving towards that goal, which is especially important to salon-owner Jacquelyn Rodriguez, who has been living an eco-friendly lifestyle for 10 years now.

Green is the new black“I removed aerosol cans, chemical-filled cleaning products, and many more harmful products from my life and replaced them with more eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives. But, I am still learning new ways to live sustainably and run a sustainable business everyday,” Jacquelyn said. 

We replaced many of the harmful products in our salon with eco-friendly and recyclable options including replacing foil with biodegradable tapioca starch paper, normal latex gloves with biodegradable gloves, and plastic bottles with amber glass jars. We also offer a 10% discount on shampoo and flux potion when clients bring their bottle into the store for a refill. This avoids more waste being created from purchasing new bottles each time.

Running a sustainable salon isn’t our only goal, however. We also aim to teach our clients how to adopt this lifestyle into their homes and businesses, which starts with replacing harmful products with more eco-friendly options. Living sustainably isn’t just healthier for the environment, it’s healthier for you too! Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to start you on your journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle.  

  • Replace normal trash bags with compostable trash bags. We love Unni trash bags which you can find on Amazon!
  • Swap your normal toilet paper and paper towels for those made out of recycled materials. Although it isn’t 100% eco-friendly, it avoids more trees being cut down and it’s 100% recyclable.
  • Replace plastic cutlery with reusable cutlery. If you do need something disposable, consider plant-based cutlery, which can also be purchased on Amazon.
  • Instead of using aerosol air fresheners that are filled with harmful chemicals, practice diffusing essential oils, which are completely natural. 
  • Replace cleaning products that are filled with harmful chemicals for natural products. Our favorite brands include Melaleuca and Norwex!
  • Replace paper and plastic lunch bags with reusable ones.

Do you have more eco-friendly tips for living sustainably? We’d love to hear them. Send us a note!