The dog days of summer are upon us. And with that comes the sun and the need for protection from it.

While we make plans to bask in the sun for hours on end, swim and take adventures outdoors, are we making sure our plans include protecting our skin from harmful UV rays?

“Skin cancer is an epidemic in this country and it is anticipated that incidence will continue to rise,” says Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD, president of The Skin Cancer Foundation.”

Circling back to May being skin cancer awareness month. Are you in control of the toxins you’re putting into your body as you prepare to take on the sun? Do you or someone you know suffer from many of the skin conditions that hinder summer time plans? There is more holistic approach to the care of your skin, and we want to help you!

As many of you know, Enlightened Styles is a happy, healthy, and holistic salon. We use green chemistry and non-toxic products because we believe in detoxing our bodies from aggressive and toxic chemical substances by choosing products that are rich in organic, biodynamic ingredients. Our CEO Jacquelyn, has made it her personal mission to spread awareness as she has suffered from Vitiligo since age 5. There weren’t many answers as they embarked on a journey to find out why. Her family had no knowledge or experience with an auto immune disease, and neither did many of the doctors they would visit. The pressures of being bullied, and criticized for being ” allergic to the sun” have allowed her to provide education to herself and to others about non-toxic products. 60% of what we put onto our skin, goes into our blood stream. Our oceans coral reefs are dying off at the extend of chemical filled sunscreens. The importance of applying sunscreen no matter your skin type is a challenge for many of us. The options are limitless. But the chemicals are not. Know your skins worth! As Jacquelyn grew her family, her personal mission quickly turned into a family mission. With that, Enlightened styles transformed into a Green Chemistry salon and took on a holistic approach. The tribe here continues to evolve and add non-toxic, eco friendly products. Ammoura Cosmetics will be launching an exclusive non-toxic sunscreen this month. The launch will be a great addition to the additives to your custom blended products for optimal skin protection! Be sure to check back in on social media and grab some for you and your family before you hit the road to ocean boulevard!