A Healthy Body is a Beautiful Body

Enlightened Styles practices a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. A healthy body is truly the most beautiful body, and while most of our clients come to us because of their need for hair and skin care, we do provide another service: Reiki.

This nontraditional practice has been a beautiful addition to the services offered at Enlightened Styles. It fits beautifully with the salon’s mission to help our clients experience their personal care in a way that treats the whole body-mind-soul connection, and provides another experience to make our clients’ time in the salon even more uplifting and pleasant.

We offer a special Reiki and Detox treatment in the salon. This has been very popular because it gives each client a little extra downtime to relax and enjoy their “me time”. Using botanicals and practicing as certified Reiki practitioners, we provide a calm and soothing experience that focuses on your whole health and beautiful being. Your hair is cleansed of toxins and residual energies, and your head, neck, and shoulders are eased of the negative energy and tension we all typically hold there. People say they feel light and relaxed after this energetic experience, and because many of us are trying to remove toxic chemical traces from our bodies, this provides a natural way to accomplish this in a tangible and energetic expression.

Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, but is still considered nontraditional. Only recently have main stream hospitals and doctors begun to utilize it with their patients, and it is often used with traditional medicine for people who experience anxiety and depression. As Dr. Oz explained it, this energy work assists with creating feelings of deep relaxation and peace.
Need more information? Just visit us here and complete the schedule request form so that we can answer your questions. We understand you may just be curious-and that is perfectly okay! We are here to make sure you have the most pleasant experience and feel cared for during your visit with us.