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5 Wedding Day Makeup Tips


Your wedding day goal is to look like the best YOU there is. Here are 5 wedding day makeup tips for making sure that happens.

  1. Trust your instincts and go with what is comfortable for you. If you are not one who wears a lot of makeup, don’t suddenly pile on dark shadows and bright blushes on your wedding day.
  2. Know that even if you keep your makeup is very simple and light, you will still feel like you have makeup on. Your makeup artist knows how to keep it looking simple and fresh but there will be products on your skin. The layers of primer, concealer, and foundation are a small price to pay for all-day glamour!
  3. Schedule a trial four to eight weeks before your wedding. This is a good time to make sure you and your artist share a vision and that you are happy with the end results. Take some pictures of styles you like with you so the makeup artist has an idea of what you like and don’t like, but don’t be stuck on them. A professional will be able to provide some suggestions as to what will work best for your dress, venue, time of day, etc., as well as with your skin tone and features. That said, if you are not comfortable with any of the suggestions, the trial is the time to speak up! At the end of the day you are the one that needs to feel comfortable and happy with your makeup!
  4. Check out the portfolios of make-up artists you are considering. Look at their previous work and call the professional whose work best represents the way you want to look and feel. Wedding day makeup can be very personal and you want a connection with the person that will be making you look fabulous for all the pictures you will keep for a lifetime. Also keep in mind that while you may love someone’s work, that person will be with you for a very large portion of your pre-ceremony morning. Make sure you appreciate her personality and will be relaxed and comfortable when she’s there with your closest family and friends.
  5. Don’t let a friend do your makeup. A professional makeup artist has the experience with different products and techniques that will make your makeup last and look flawless all day. Your thoughtful friends have their hearts in the right place, but will you be comfortable telling them you aren’t happy with your liner and want to do it over? No one wants to worry about hurt feelings on a day as big as this! Also don’t try to do your own makeup. Even though you do an amazing job you really shouldn’t have to worry about that on your big day!

Still need proof on DIY makeup vs a professional?  Here are some some shots from a recent photoshoot I did with Lelia Marie Photography.  For this event, we asked two different girls to come into the studio (so that the light and the background was consistent) for an experiment.   To start, each of the girls did their own makeup as if they were getting married.  Not just every day makeup!  Then, we changed their makeup.  I did what I would normally do for a wedding day.

It’s important to point out that both of these girls know how to work with makeup — they aren’t total novices.  Even with their knowledge (and the fact that they looked fine in person) the pro’s makeup really made the photos pop!  And these were taken in an ideal and very forgiving lighting situation.

Having seen the difference I can’t help by encourage ALL brides to have professional makeup done! Think of how great you will look in all your photos!

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