Hair and Makeup for a photo shoot

Hair and makeup for a photo shoot are very important, If you are taking the time to get professional photo’s for any event prom, senior photo’s, family photo’s, beauty photo’s or engagement photo’s. Think about getting your hair and makeup done professionally.

Enlightened Styles will help you look your best for your photo shoot. Whether you want a casual or dramatic look, we will help you feel and look your best for your photo shoot.

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Here are some some shots from a recent photoshoot I did with Lelia Marie Photography.  For this event, we asked two different girls to come into the studio (so that the light and the background was consistent) for an experiment.   To start, each of the girls did their own makeup as if they were getting married.  Not just every day makeup!  Then, we changed their makeup.  I did what I would normally do for a wedding day.

It’s important to point out that both of these girls know how to work with makeup — they aren’t total novices.  Even with their knowledge (and the fact that they looked fine in person) the pro’s makeup really made the photos pop!  And these were taken in an ideal and very forgiving lighting situation.