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Beauty, Self-Confidence and Cosmetic Artistry: An Ammoura™ Success Story

One of the reasons I started my own hair salon and beauty boutique was because I am passionate about empowering women to be the best they can be.

I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. However, many women don’t see, feel or acknowledge how beautiful they truly are. They look in the mirror and see only flaws. They criticize themselves for not living up to their expectations of how they “should look.” This undermines their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our tendency to be our own worst critic is so unfortunate. I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful and self-confident.

With many years of experience in the beauty industry, I can tell you that every woman on this planet has flaws. No one is perfect! Instead of berating ourselves for being less than perfect, we should embrace ourselves just the way we are, and stop knocking ourselves down.

Beauty Skills Empower Women

One of the ways I like to empower women and boost their self-confidence is by teaching women the skills of makeup artistry. Beauty is more than skin-deep of course, but I do believe that when you feel beautiful and pleased with your outside appearance you are better able to react positively to people, situations and circumstances in life.

I know that I always feel more confident and more powerful in my abilities to conquer the day when I feel “put together”, whether that be my hair and make up or my outfit or just that one accessory or piece of clothing that pulls everything together.

This is why I am also so passionate about Ammoura™ Cosmetics — my new line of custom-blended foundations, lipsticks and ready-to-wear makeup.

Loretta’s Story: Ammoura™ Cosmetics Relieves Rosacea

I have been working with Loretta for around 10 years and she has always had problems with rosacea. We had a hard time finding the perfect makeup that would conceal her rosacea without irritating her skin and leaving it feeling burnt.

Imagine our delight when I was able to custom-blend a foundation for Loretta using Ammoura™’s all-natural ingredients and soothing additives. Here’s what Loretta has to say about her experience with Ammoura™:


I have searched most of my adult life for a foundation that not only covers my red-faced rosacea but is also non-irritating for my super sensitive skin. I’ve tried everything under the sun!! Layers of cover-up so thick you want to peel it off, burning skin – even with hypo-allergenic and all natural ingredients.

Jacquelyn invited me to try Ammoura™ custom made foundation and I figured “why not?” Thinking this won’t work either . . . . Well, to my pleasant surprise my Rosacea is not only invisible but I feel like I’m not wearing ANY foundation at all. No heaviness, no irritation, no sign of redness – NONE! I’m hooked.

Truly though, I am so grateful to Jacquelyn for working with me to solve this daily dilemma. I have replaced three products, (I had to layer on to cover my condition) with one bottle of Ammoura™ made just for me!” ~ Loretta

Ammoura™ custom blend foundation conceals rosacea

For more information about Ammoura™ Cosmetics all-natural custom blend cosmetics for all skin types, visit AmmouraCosmetics.com or call Jacquelyn Rodriguez, (540) 560-2957.